5 Situations When You Need Lock Repair Services 

Like every other thing in our day to day lives, locks are no exception to maintenance and repair. Even the best quality locks with premium fittings, will eventually wear and tear and need repair or replacement. There are situations like broken keys lodged into the lock, asking for immediate lock replacements. Otherwise, locks can act a bit scruffy and give signs that it will need a repair soon. This can happen because of being exposed to pressure and weather elements, or because of age. Whatever be the reason, a lock repair service becomes important in such scenarios. It is wise to call in a locksmith once your lock starts showing signs of malfunction. Houston Main Locksmith is a leading locksmith providing lock repair services in Houston, TX. We list you the top 5 reasons when you need a lock repair. Don’t delay if you find any of them remotely resonating with your home or business establishment’s locks.

  1. Broken key situation

Broken key situations are more common than you would think. Broken keys are common in lock out situations leaving you stranded outside your home or apartment. A key can break due to many reasons. Mostly, it is because the key has undergone wear and tear with a long period of use. It has been subjected to continuous pressure while locking and unlocking. Ultimately, a key breaks when it has become fragile. This leaves a tricky situation. You should never try to open a door by yourself in such cases as it can cause further damage to the lock. Your first action should be to get in touch with a professional locksmith who can reach you at the earliest. Broken pieces lodged inside the lock require expertise and skill for removal. The locksmith can use methods such as lubrication and key-extraction tools to safely remove the broken pieces. They will also ensure that the lock has not got damaged due to the broken pieces. So, in such situations, do contact a lock repair services in Houston, TX to solve the situation.

2. Stuck deadbolt situation

A malfunctioning deadbolt in your door lock is a sure-shot sign for the time to call for lock repairing. A deadbolt malfunction happens when the internal parts are misaligned. The deadbolt does not fit or strike the strike plate causing the problem. A locksmith will able to fix this by realigning and securing the deadbolt with the strike plate. This is a common issue and a locksmith can help you out easily. So, when your deadbolt locks are getting stuck while operation, there’s a high chance that there’s an internal misalignment of the parts.

3. Complete turning of lock cylinders

If the lock cylinders turn entirely while you unlock the door, it’s a clear sign for malfunction. Lock cylinders are held in place by setscrews, so that it will become fixed after a certain length of turning. When the lock cylinders malfunction it is because the setscrews are not working properly. Either they are broken or they have become loose. The screws need to be replaced or tightened for the lock to function properly again. This is also not a grave problem and can be fixed quite easily by a trained locksmith. It’s best to let a locksmith fix this instead of you trying to do something about it by yourself. Although the situation may seem easy to fix, an unprofessional handling may result in more damage and cause permanent damage to the lock. So, if you find your lock cylinders not working properly, contact a lock repair services in Houston, TX.

4. Slow moving door lock

An interrupted or slow-moving door lock could be early signals for a broken lock in the near future. There can be several reasons to the slow movement of a lock. There are tiny bits and precision parts that work together in the operation of a lock. With time and use, a lot of corrosion happens which is a natural occurrence. This can make a lock slow. Extreme cold weathers can cause the lock to freeze. A frozen lock can also get stuck or move slowly. A hot blower can help you in such situations. However, if the slow lock is owing to internal mechanics, it’s best to seek the help of a locksmith. The locksmith will check your lock and do the needful. Sometimes the deposition of dirt can make the parts grimy and work slowly. A cleaning of parts and oiling will be a suitable fix in such cases.

5. Misaligned latch

A misaligned latch is a common lock malfunction in exterior doors. It mostly happens as a result of weather stripping. The locksmith simply has to move back the stripping a little bit in the door frame and the problem gets solved. It’s an easy fix for an experienced locksmith, and requires less efforts than you’d actually think. So instead of trying to get it fixed with some of your ingenious solutions, it’s better to save your time by calling in a locksmith.

A stitch in time saves a nine and a timely inspection by a locksmith saves you the trouble of handling a malfunctioning lock. Do you think your lock is showing future signs of repair? Then think no further. Get in touch with Houston Main Locksmith for lock repair services in Houston, TX. Pick up your phone and dial 281-674-6240 for connecting to the best locksmith services in your locality!